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Project ROCKS

Project ROCKS 3 is a continuation of previous projects ROCKS1 and 2, focusing on stonework. In the last 2 years, we pay attention to learning new attractive skills students of 2 grammar school in Kecerovce and Rankovce. In the second part of the project we chose narrower group of 10 boys who showed interest about manual dexterity and skill in stonework. Tried to produce a simple fireplaces, foci. Some of them agreed to their separate contracts. In May 2015, we mediate employment for 10 boys in a construction company in Košice, most of them acquired their quality skills through ROCKS project and Housing project. It is still necessary to improve stonemasonry skills more their specified and professionalize with a focus on the creation of furnaces and fireplaces. We see the possibility of linking the project ROCKS with to the project 3E Housing in Rankovce. Simple houses, self-built by local Roma may be a pilot demonstration of how cheaply and easily solved through heating stoves. Another open path for skilled stonemasons is the creation of decorative mosaics. Solution to the permanent problem of pollution in the vicinity of villages in which we operate, we also see in the direct involvement of Roma in education in the field of environmental science. We would like to build up posters from waste material in near the of roads, which would point to this problem. Placards used to form mosaics, murals. We recognize also the importance of motivating a group students with whom we work. For boys was a huge motivating factor to stay in voluntary Camp in Germany. We would like to be repeated again this year. A long time we cooperate with Nora Feldmar who are involved in the development of low cost, efficient heating systems. Plans for this joint project coordinated work on the development of the heating system for 3E houses in Rankovce . We are to establish cooperation with Richard Robert Rács who can help us convey the experiences from Hungary. The aim of the project is to promote self-employment in group of Roma boys, students of department mason through intensive training of stonemasonry skills. The output of the project is the creation of five working contracts - employment project participants in construction companies





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