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The main objective of the project is to develop skills and abilities of young people in the arts community.


  • Concentration of the project on a narrow set of seven teenagers who have expressed an interest, talent and will to pursue art wall art.
  • Decorating of public spaces local communities
  • Preventing vandalism
  • Preparation for self teenagers in the future

·      The objectives we will be pursued through the following activities:

       The first part of the project is Intensive workshop for narrower group of seven teenagers who are in the first phase of the project has shaped. Expert lecturer Helmut Bistika they will learn specific art techniques. It will be a creative course that will take place in a designated atelier (SOU borrowed space in Kecerovce). The course will run 1x a week for 4 hours from March to May.

The second part of the project is to create large-scale paintings in the community, under the leadership of a workout of teenagers from closer group. In this activity, the trainer rather than a supervisor, counselor. Teens will also have the task mobilize youth in communities in developing community art wall paintings. This activity will take place during the summer holidays.

Throughout the course of the project we will be to document creation and prepare portfolio-catalog of works (also for Project Rocks)

Project was supported by ERSTE Foundation and Foundation children from Slovakia


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