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Gipsy needle

Project Romani SUV ( Gipsy needle)  which was realised in the previous period (September 2014- April 2015) assessed as extremely successful and the potential for brand development "business for a better life." This is an attractive option for the development of social entrepreneurship - both participants themselves who gain invaluable practical experiences and can later apply better employment or self-employment, and also for our association and school, as created goods is an interesting and unusual article of the market. One option is to sell designed clothes to representatives of the majority, maybe with charitable aspect, but interesting is the possibility of selling themselves to the Roma community who have a strong interest in maintaining and returning to their traditions. It turns out that, for example, will be interested in the men's shirt with a modern Roma theme, or the women's costumes. Interviewees of the project (17 Roma girls) actively entering into project activities, the same applies to champions, teachers, professional training. The project aimed to improve the skills of female students in the craft seamstress, teach them new techniques with a focus on the incorporation of elements of Roma culture in evening dresses and costumes. The students created a collection of traditional costumes and modern dresses, which in turn they presented through the fashion show and creating lucrative calendar.Same time were produced and distributed small presents as scarves, cushions, ties and so on. The public responded positively to the project, we record interest in the negotiation of orders.


  • Secondary Vocational Technical School, allocated workplace in Kecerovce
  • Schloss Trebnicz, Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum e.V
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